1,000 restaurants in the Freshket community… More than growth, it’s the learning that matters.

Freshket is perceived simply as an online marketplace for restaurant food supplies; however, we aim to be much more. We are striving to improve the food supply industry, making the entire ecosystem more efficient. We wish to help restaurants get the best quality of goods and services. Additionally, we help suppliers get valuable insights to improve production and supplies. To successfully play this role, we derive a lot of learning from the restaurants in our community.

Solution for managing restaurant food supplies

What we have learned from users are that the new generation of restaurant owners are not concerned about the price, but care about the cost and yield of their supplies. Price is no longer the sole factor, with decision-makers also considering the hidden costs, such as food waste, transportation cost and labor cost. Moreover, restaurant owners are seeking centralised solutions to help them manage food ingredients – from sourcing and ordering to billing management and data analytics. They use this data insights to streamline their management and analyze the food cost. Additionally, after-sales service is a key factor that makes them feel comfortable ordering from a variety of suppliers.

Co-creating Value

All the feedback from our users helps Freshket improve product quality, service standards, and other operations. As we move towards our goal of delivering 100% customer satisfaction, we are working hard every day to fill the gaps. Our top priority is on-time delivery to restaurants, because it is the most important factor for them. We work closely with the logistics partner in order to handle the products within the selected time slot, no matter how bad traffic is in Bangkok. We not only take care of delivery times, but also pay emphasis on the quality of fresh produce.

We have always welcomed all feedback from customers about the product quality. We work with suppliers to find the right solution for each new item. Sometimes, it comes down to the packaging and storage, and not only the quality of produce. We use lean startup concept to improve the process in our warehouse everyday. We do not carry any stock of fresh produce, working with JIT (Just-in-Time inventory) – breaking traditional industry norms.

Although Freshket is a tech company, but we are really serious about providing a human touch in our service. We like to ensure that restaurants feel comfortable, and are able to trust Freshket to manage restaurant food supplies for them. Our community management includes provision of consultation for our users.

Thanks to our first 1,000 clients, your feedback is invaluable!

Our community has now grown to 1,000 clients. Supplying to 1,000 restaurants in Bangkok is the number that was beyond our expectation. We are truly grateful for all kinds of feedback and motivation – they mean a lot to the Freshket team. Also, thanks to more than 3,000 restaurants that still have been waiting to use our service. We will expand the area very soon. We are sure that we will never stop improving and growing this community.