A beginner’s guide to the Freshket Insight Application

At Freshket, we’re in a constant endeavor to empower customers. The Freshket Insight application is yet another major step in this direction.

With complete and real-time access to your food supplies data, you can make business decisions based on data-driven insights. This helps regulate costs, optimize procurement, reduce wastage, and do strategic planning.

The Freshet Insight app allows you to control your food supplies cost, view the most spent products list, price variations, periodic reports, and much more for all your restaurant’s branches. All of this is accessible on your mobile dashboard – whenever and wherever you want.

All this information is readily available for all your past purchases with Freshket. Based on your team’s requirement, you can choose to download the daily, weekly, monthly reports for analysis.

Let’s have a quick look at how to get started with Freshket Insight app and understand some of its most useful features.  Simply download the Freshket insight app and unlock several strategic insights for free!

Follow these steps to get started.

Go to the App Store [Link] or Play Store [Link], and download the Freshet Insight application

Download the app

Create user and password for registration

Create Username and Password

Confirm email to use the application

Log in with your newly registered user and password

Next, step will be to set up your restaurant. Follow the instructions as shown in the picture:

Once this is set up, you can view the dashboard and scroll through the app for different insight and features

Dashboard View

Here’s a glimpse into some of the most popular features:

Get all the reports on email in .csv and share it with your team to gain impactful insights

Go ahead and take control of your restaurant supplies with Freshket Insight.

Start using the Freshket Insight app now and collect all your invoices in the online account. Reach out to us via line @freshket if you have any suggestions for improvement or requirements for additional features. Team is always ready to learn and grow to make your work easier and convenient.

[App Store Link Download]

[Google Play Store Link Download ]