Fresh ingredients make great food!

Fresh ingredients make great food!

At a recent sales meeting with a chef, we were discussing the importance of quality ingredients. During our conversation, he brought up a quote that really resonated with our team.

Real food doesn’t “have” ingredients. Real food is ingredients.

– Jamie Oliver 

At Freshket, these are the words we live by – as suppliers of food ingredients and, more importantly, as food enthusiasts ourselves. Through our own experiences, and those of our customers, we understand that good ingredients are the foundation of a great dish.

By putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers, we ask ourselves some key questions about the ingredients that we supply.

·         Does it taste good?

·         Where does it come from?

·         Who grows, harvests, raises, or produces it?

·         Is it convenient for our customers to procure?

·         It is a good value proposition for our customers?

Taking a critical look at our supplies allows us to strike a fine balance between quality, freshness, taste, convenience, and value:


Our fresh products are pre-washed, trimmed, and cleaned to help our customers reduce wastage, get fresh ingredients, and get great value.

By proving small packaging sizes, we enable our customers to be flexible with order quantities, and buy only what they require. This further helps them get the freshest ingredients, reduce wastage, manage budgets and keep a check on the inventory management.


The option to purchase cut and chopped vegetables helps our customers save time. With efficiently pre-prepped ingredients, chefs and restaurants can improve their efficiency and focus on what they do best – serving up delectable food!

Great Value

With a combination of flexible order sizes, waste minimization, convenience, and reporting, buying from Freshket is a compelling value proposition for our customers. Encompassing a wide range of fresh and shelf -stable products, chefs and restaurant owners sourcing from Freshket get the most bang for their buck.

The Freshket Team (or the ‘Freshketeers’, as we like to call ourselves) has only just begun its quest to streamline the restaurant supplies industry. With several more learnings and innovations just around the corner, getting quality ingredients to our customers remains our focal point. After all, fresh ingredients make great food!