Freshket | Media Fact Sheet


Freshket is the supply chain platform for restaurants’ food supplies. We provide the full-stack solution from sourcing, ordering and logistics. We simplify the process of buying and selling restaurants’ food supplies. We solve two main problems in fresh produce industry that holding everyone back.

  • Market Fragmentation: The fresh food industry is currently very fragmented. Restaurants have to search for the right suppliers with the right price and quality, and suppliers for the right buyers. They have a hard time finding one another, which results in lost business opportunities.
  • Supply Chain Inefficiency: Fresh produces’ supply chain is very inefficient due to too many middlemen resulting in an excessive price. There are more than 3 middlemen in the chain that mark up margins more than 200%. Moreover, the demand-supply data is very fragmented and non-transparent which results in the demand-supply mismatches.

Freshket enables restaurants and suppliers to interact seamlessly on a single platform – the easy way to buy and sell restaurant food supply

  • Ordering: Restaurants can easily find food supplies and place the order using our order management system.
  • Consolidation: Freshket consolidates order and places them automatically to suppliers. Suppliers then drop their products in one place.
  • Delivery: Freshket delivers the orders to the restaurant on the time they select.
  • Payment: Restaurant can make payments online.
  • Reporting: Restaurants and suppliers can monitor all their activities in their own dashboards in real time.

Freshket is well-positioned to take on a massive market. In Southeast Asia alone, the fresh food industry is estimated to be worth USD 350 billions. Freshket is currently targeting Thailand’s restaurant sector, particularly small-to-medium sized restaurants and shortly, we will expand to penetrate not only larger sized restaurants; but hotels as well.


  • April 2016 – Join Dtac Accelerate Program
  • June 2016 – Won prize at Techsauce, early stage startup
  • August 2016 – Won prize at Dtac accelerate batch 4, demo day
  • January 2017 – Official launch revamped Freshket website
  • October 2017 – Pivoted the business model from marketplace to supply chain platform. It has brought the results in 80% GMV growth MOM, improving unit economics for 10X; and decreasing CAC for 2X.
  • 2018 – Planned expansion to cover higher-tier segments with new platform development

Leadership Team

Freshket is made up of people who want to simplify life in the complicated business of food. We combine our expertises in marketing, IT, finance and management to form a solid team that works relentlessly to take Freshket to the next level.

  • Founder | Ponglada Paniangwet: 5 years in fresh food business (family business established for 25 years); and 6 years in marketing consulting and consumer research
  • Technology | Nitikorn Tangjeerawong: 10 years in software development at Oracle and Salesforce, San Francisco
  • Marketing | Tuangploi Chiwalaksanangkoon: 10 years in marketing focused on growing customer base and portfolio.



Company name: Polar Bear Mission co. ltd.

Address: Thonglor Soi 13 44/3-4 3rd Fl, Bangkok, Klongton Nue 10110

Phone: +668 2442 9515