Freshket : A ‘Fresh’ New Look 🤓

Freshket has updated both the website and mobile application. We have redesigned the UI (User Interface) to make it even easier to use.

The redesigned interface brings additional features and many special privileges for restaurants in the Freshket community.

New UI! Introducing Freshket Rewards Privileges

Restaurants can manage their accounts more easily. At the top, you can track the privilege levels that each restaurant can earn by accumulating points. There are 4 levels to achieve- Stone (Collect 0-20 points), Bronze (Collect 21-150 points), Silver (Collect 151-300 reward points), Gold (Collect more than 300 reward points). Restaurants receive Freshket Rewards based on their privilege level.

Easy to manage. Invite friends. Get Discounts

As mentioned in the image below, In left menu of the application, you can easily check the points collected and privilege level of your restaurant.

Restaurants can manage multiple accounts. Use the “Manage User Accounts” menu to switch accounts for different orders.

Share your love for Freshket and Invite friends by sharing your Freshket code. If your friend uses the code and makes a purchase, both of you will receive a 200 baht Freshket discount coupon.

All discounts you have received easily tracked and managed in the “Discount Received” section.

The more you buy, the better the value of Freshket Rewards.

Every 500 baht purchase at Frehket you will earn 1 point (once payment has been done). Use these reward points to get a discount on your next purchase.

Credit payment terms and many prizes are there can be redeemed when you collect points. The more coins you collect, the higher the status of your Freshket membership.


Are you ready to experience the new version of Freshket app? The App Store & Play Store have been updated with the latest version of the application on both iOS and Android.

Adding to this, in case you are using Freshket website, simply log out and log in again to start using the new features. 

Happy Shopping. Reach out to us via line @freshket in case you need support.