Freshket Supplier’s Day

Nov 5th, Freshket held Supplier’s day event at Hangar Co-Working Space. This is to make sure that our strategic suppliers are ready for Freshket Pilot Phase which all suppliers have to deliver the ‘quality’ product and service to our selective 50 restaurants.

What we did on event

We presented Freshket story from idea to business. What startup is and how DTAC Accelerate helps us to grow up business. We are going to launch Pilot Phase where Freshket strategic suppliers play an important role to set up the market quality standard and be our co-creators to give us feedbacks and comments to improve the market further.

What was interesting on this event

Beside Freshket story, we introduced suppliers our product demo and give them the tips how to set up their shop and product to our platform convincingly. We showed them how the workflow works in term of quotation, goods receiving and invoice issuing from the automated system. Also, product consolidation feature and real-time report gained high attention and interest.

Feedback from audience

Freshket is not only the marketplace but we integrate workflow system into and we hope it can help the way they transact easier. We are flattered, they love our product especially the workflow system, product consolidation feature, and real-time report. They perceive Freshket can help them save time and no more pens and papers.