Freshket think about World Usability Day

Would you like to know how each of us in Freshket think about the usability? First of all let’s get to the beginning. On 10th November 2016 going to be repeatedly organized World Usability Day.

What is this day?

It’s a day and also large global organization helping to attract a highly qualified audience of usability enthusiasts comprised of designers, developers, IT specialists, content marketers, online managers, etc…

UX – (user experience) it’s about taking existing products and services and developing ways to refine and redesign them to be more effective, efficient and reusable in ways that enhance a person’s life.

This is how Freshket team think about UX. We think UX is bigger than term itself.

Build a better experience for users that’s what we value the most. Freshket is not just the platform for connecting suppliers and restaurants owners, but also the place to help them collaborate and interact easier on the daily basis. That’s why we need to ask our users questions and test as much as possible to reach the best user experience.

UX is designing and organizing information delivered from the database into the meaningful and understandable structure for the user. This part is crucial for each product.

Marketing activity needs to be in synergy with UX and product development. It’s about creating valuable user experience on the journey to our service. Choosing the right supplier, finding the fresh food supply and finalized with payment.

UX is important for both side supplier and restaurant when interacting with our product. Freshket tries to solve many problems and make collaboration of both easier and create online purchasing convenient.

At the beginning, we need to understand the purpose of UX of our audience. Our service needs to work well with every kind of device and display resolution to avoid complicated UX patterns. It will help users learn faster and understand service easily.

Service needs to be shaped by customers requirements. This is crucial for service life cycle and development itself. Listening even “silent whispering” of customers needs will help extend product and avoiding decreasing growth of user base. With this kind of sensitive approach, we giving to UX term completely new meaning across all marketing and product development strategies we are into.