Hidden Cost for Restaurants

Hidden cost of restaurants food supply

The way to manage and control raw material cost of restaurant is not only price negotiation for bulk purchasing but also minimizing hidden cost. The hidden cost for sourcing and purchasing raw ingredients can be many things. For example,

  1. Transportation cost is a kind of monetary cost. It could be transportation cost from restaurant crew or owner go to fresh market or hypermarket like Makro. Of cause, it creates fuel cost or even mass transportation cost.
  2. Cost of time is a kind of opportunity cost because. When you have to go to somewhere to buy some ingredients, you lose the time to do other things instead. And they can create more productivity for those kinds of job.
Time and transportation fee are opportunity cost

So you can see that there are at least two identifiable hidden cost for ingredient sourcing process.Nowadays technology is going so far in order to increase convenience for users. Restaurant owners or its crews have no need to spend time for travel to grocery stores or markets; they can source and make purchases via online platform.

The industry of grocery shopping has a wide range of option such as Happy Fresh, Honestbee, Tops Supermarket’s online platform and Tesco Lotus’ online platform. However, Freshket is a very first online marketplace for restaurant food supplies that make convenience to users by providing all-in-one place character. Users can find all product categories they need for their restaurants here. They can shop in the market and create purchasing orders at their finger tips. Therefore, hidden costs  mentioned earlier are minimised.