Hooray! Market Launch

Today is a good day to officially say that “Welcome to Freshket Market!!”.

However, please stay calm; the market is limited to some users. For suppliers, Freshket team selected and prepared their readiness on last Nov. For restaurants, we are opening registration for whom eligible to these following criteria.

1. Type of restaurant: Japanese Restaurant,​ Western Cuisine and Fusion Restaurant

2. Location: Silom, Sathorn, Ekamai and Thonglor.

Therefore, restaurants who already registered in the prior phase but not eligible to those criteria; Freshket Team really would like to say sorry to keep you wait. However, we will expand the scopes and let you know soon. Also, registered suppliers who are not eligible to join this launch; we will get back to you if any updates soon.

Why Limit?

Hold On! Please don’t be mad to Freshket. For users who cannot participate during this period of time, we would like to explain the reasons why.

Firstly, Freshket is the marketplace for restaurant food supplies which not only providing variety of products and suppliers; but also delivering quality. We would like to promote quality suppliers, quality products and quality service including suppliers’ delivering.

Second thing, Freshket needs suppliers and restaurants can easily buy and sell with transparency. So, we create workflow system supporting request for quotation, ordering, issuing bills and payment. All these processes can be done at fingertip.

Last but not least, Freshket wants to closely get feedback from users and maximize user satisfaction.

Suppliers who join this phase are able to deliver quality products to restaurants in our focused area with the reasonable price. Therefore, Size S-M restaurants can reach quality products at their front doors.

Learn Fast

Freshket intends to learn and deeply understand the market; so we can create the standard of quality market with the good price for users; both restaurants and suppliers. These are the reason why we have to limit users. Active users in this phase will be an important part of market co-creation.

All these are for all users; the current and the future users, that will gain the best experience with Freshket. Moreover, we want our users love Freshket and grow together.

So, any eligible restaurants that want to join Freshket can register here. For those restuarants and suppliers who are not in the scope, you can also register here to get information of future expansion!!