Mannequin Challenge in Bangkok

Yes it’s here. We think you spotted this another viral challenge spread across all media channels. Mannequin challenge started at the end of October as you should read at Marketingoops. And is spreading around the internet almost the same fast as Harem Shake did over the last three or four years ago.

Old good Harlem Shake

In comparison with Harlem Shake where participants were dancing (if we can consider this as dance) into the rhythm of one and only song you are less active. In Mannequin Challenge people remain frozen in action while a video is recorded. Usually with another song in the background.

Where does it come from?

It was Jacksonville high school students who create the viral Mannequin Challenge on on October 26, 2016. And because of frozen postures in these videos have news outlets compared these to scenes from science fiction films, such as X-Men, The Matrix or Lost in Space.

Freshket Mannequin Challenge

We in Freshket couldn’t help ourselves and truly we did it. Even we still working hard we were frozen in time for a while during one of our meeting.

Challenge for Restaurants

It’s easy to surf the wave of this viral challenge and fall in love with buzz word. But if you think beyond of this video trend you should find this as a good way how to market yourself. For restaurants, it’s always challenging to have a consistent number or visitors and spread good name around. So why don’t use this Mannequin Challenge for your own benefit?

When can restaurant owners think about this kind of video content?

  • You are newly opened and feel concerned about profit but mostly about the number of visitors or then after customer opinion?
  • You are old sea-wolf in restaurant industry?
  • You see your restaurant business serious?
  • You are specialized in specific cuisine?
  • You own food court?

It doesn’t matter as much. Step out from you routine online communication and with a bit, courage bring to your customers or potential visitors fresh air. It can be surprising what positive feedback can bring to you such an organized event with additional purpose – recording Mannequin Challenge video. Sharing this video then after can spice up your content you usually share across your social media channels.

See some the examples of the restaurant owners how they used this great opportunity.

Detroit Coney Island Mannequin Challenge With Rat And Puff

Stephen Curry and wife Ayesha do The Mannequin Challenge at her Restaurant

Madame Hanoi take on the Mannequin Challenge

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