The way we design ‘Freshket’ Logo & its identity

To express the brand identity is very essential, and what we did for Freshket is; to bring the creativity from the brand character, the uniqueness of Freshket business feature, and the playfulness of online platform nature, to come up Freshket Logo

We brought the simplicity and balance through brushing on the font. To brush, is The way to show how rough and rustic of authentic, sincere and honesty of Freshket business that goes to the existing fresh market, to collect the best food & raw material suppliers with reasonable and reliable price. These are the things that Freshket brought to its users, however the display is on online platform therefore to maintain the authentic through brush needs to balance but rough. They disrupt the traditional business with the most challenging platform and this needs to be show through the discreet design to express how seamless of Freshket business bring up.

Not only the balance of the rough, but the brush needs to be fast as the speed of online service that Freshket offers to its user, proper speed described in proper brushes whip at once through the consistency of brushing on the font.

The color usage is also meant contrastingly harmonize, green meant raw material. For instance, food, vegetable, and all raw stuff, which are fresh and clean. But the harmonizing mix on hot color tone, orange, is the total concept of the color usage. The hot tone represent the cooking process, the warm tone represent the food that we consume, together naturally mixed like the balance of yin yang symbol.

But to keep the brand better and better, what we are doing is for our next steps are to make the logo shorten and lengthen. Apply thee symbolic, maximize and minimize it to be ready with any application, devices and all the communication medium through every users in the future to see that we design Freshket to suit with everyone.


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